7 Warning Signs from Your Body that it’s Time to Quit Alcohol

Alcohol or beer: Drinking alcohol is harmful for the body, this line is written on the bottle of alcohol. Drinking alcohol slowly starts damaging the body, which can lead to serious illness in the future. What are the warning signals given by the body from which it should be understood that the time has come to quit drinking.

Nowadays alcohol is being associated with enjoyment. Be it a party or any other occasion, drinking has become quite common. Drinking alcohol is very harmful for the body, but still some people drink occasionally and some people daily. Excessive consumption of alcohol causes a lot of damage to the body. According to nutritional therapist Hannah Braye, alcohol has a negative effect on the liver as well as on other parts of the body.

According to the National Health Service, men and women should drink no more than 14 units a week, which is roughly equivalent to 6 glasses of 175 ml or six pints of four per cent beer. If someone increases his capacity, then the body slowly starts deteriorating. In this article, as told by Hannah Bray, he will know about the warning signs which should be stopped drinking immediately.


Hannah Bray says if you often feel bloated it means that alcohol consumption is having a negative effect on your digestive system. The healthy bacteria of the stomach can be greatly affected by alcohol and it can also spoil the health of our gut. If you are also having bloating, leave alcohol immediately and consult a doctor.

Feeling sick

According to Hannah, if you regularly drink more alcohol then you are at risk of frequent diseases as it can weaken your immunity. Frequent consumption of alcohol can reduce the number of disease-fighting cells in your blood, and a person who drinks alcohol can be more vulnerable to infections and diseases than a healthy person.

Trouble sleeping

Many people are unable to get seven to eight hours of sleep. Hannah says that alcohol can cause sleep disturbances. Health is good by sleeping daily. Adequate sleep is as important as eating well and exercising daily. If you have stopped sleeping after drinking, then understand that the right time has come to quit drinking.

Skin issues

According to Hannah, alcohol also causes skin disorders. Drinking too much alcohol can make the already existing skin more sensitive which can be harmful for you. Alcohol can dry out the skin, making wrinkles and fine lines more likely to appear. If your skin is also dry and you drink alcohol then this can also be a reason.

Dental problems

According to Hannah, consuming too much alcohol is at a great risk of tooth decay. Sugary foods and drinks provide the necessary fuel for bacteria to grow in your mouth, which can attack and destroy your enamel. Due to which the gums and teeth become weak, then understand that alcohol has to be stopped immediately.